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May 31, 2011 (1100k)

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I wanted to let you know how your program helped myself and my family..I have had 2 burglaries at my residence. There was nothing much taken, however, I was pretty sure they may keep returning. I purchased your program one day. The very next day I had it set up to monitor one of the main rooms in my house. Sure enough the crooks showed up that very day. The program worked as advertised.. The crooks were even caught with their hands in the cookie jar (literallY) helping themselves to a snack to reenergize their stealing efforts. Unfortunately for them we had 35 minutes of still frames of the theft. They stole many items but my guns were of most concern..With the help of your program and the images it produced the local police were able to identify the culprits and with the help of the images make rather swift apprehension of the thugs.. Currently 1 is behind bars and the other is heading there any hour now. We have recovered some of the property, including one of the weapons.

Thank you, .... 

P.S. The police were pretty impressed. 


Thought you might be interested in this. I have a suet feeder that I could not figure out why it was being eaten up so fast. I suspected an animal at night so i used your software with my 3com USB camera pointing out the window at the feeder. I dimmed the floodlights REALLY low and set my camera to black/white. I have enclosed a jpg file with what I found:) That raccoon was out there for 45 minutes!
I did make an avi file out of the captured images and it was rather interesting. He climbs up out of the darkness, walks across the railing and has a field day:)
What I found interesting was that about 1/2 hour went by and no snapshots but then he just reappeared eating at my feeder. I think it took a nap on the railing during that time. You can see from the file name what time it was. I am on the east coast of the USA (Maryland) and the time is Eastern daylight savings time.
Now I have to figure a way of tying your program into something that will make a sound and scare it away. Those suet cakes cost $2.50 a piece.

23.02.00 Caught him Red Handed

Over the last couple of months, we've had a lot of little things missing at work.  Mostly little stuff, but ever now and then we'd also lose something valuable like a notebook or diskdrive.  About 3-weeks ago I setup my Connectix-VC in my office with SupervisionCam set to operate from 5:00 in the evening until 7:00 the next morning.  My hope was to catch the thief, but I felt like the odds were against me.  It took 2-weeks, but he finally did it again and SuperVisionCAM caught him!  The attached picture shows a former member of our cleaning crew going through my desk.  He got 20 cents, but the worst part was, he didn't even empty my garbage.  I promptly forwarded the AVI to security and the young man was fired that same day.  The whole AVI sequence has caused a lot of interest not to mention a steady stream of people to stop by to find out how I did it.  Believe me, I don't hesitate to tell them about SupervisionCam.  Keep up the good work. 


I have a convenience store open 24-hours and have installed $2,000.00 worth of security monitoring and recording hardware required by my insurance company.  But my best video comes from the $40.00 color web cam mounted behind the checkout counter connected via USB to my PC just behind the wall monitored by a registered copy of SupervisionCam.  I can't tell you  how nice it is to be able to look in on that cam from my home, or even from business trips wherever I may be.
One day, a young woman came in the store wanting to purchase beer after 1am. We can't sell beer at that time.  She spent some time trying to persuade the clerk to beak the rules and sell her the booze, even making promises and eventually raising her shirt.  My clerk, obviously amused, still refused and asked her to leave.  You should have seen the look on his face as I presented him with an AVI I burned on CD-ROM and a pat on the back for his diligence.


Many thank to Mr. Kutzke